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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

im sorry

" oke.i'll try to zip my lousy mouth and tight my finger..i'm so sorry for all my mistake..
from the bottom of my knee to the top of my head..
i wont happen again. trust me. that all i need.."

p/s : munkin aku x faham kot dengan ayat ni... atau mmg aku ni dilahirkan tidak sebegitu bijak dlm semua..
aku ni mmg x layak nak bercinta sebab nyusahkan semua orang maybe.
air jika tiada gula masih sedap diminum tapi jika terlebeh gula membahayakan kesihatan

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

my honey / dream angel

I am a honey bee
Shown out from the colony
And they won't let me in
So I left the hive
They took away all my stripes
And broke off both my wings
So I'll find another tree
And make the wind my friend
I'll just sing with the birds
They'll tell me secrets off the mark

But my other honey bee
Stuck where he doesn’t wanna be
Oh my darling honey bee
I'll come save you
Even if it means I'll have to face the queen

So I'll come prepared
My new friends say they would help me
Get my loved one back
They say it isn't right
The bees have control of your mind
But I choose not to believe that
So we'll meet in the darkness of the night
And I'll promise I will be there on time
We'll be guided by my new friends the butterflies
Bring us back to our own little hive

Oh my other honey bee
No longer stuck where he doesn’t wanna be
Oh my darling honey bee
I have saved you
And now that you're with me
We can make our own honey

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

bunga api time

saya seperti panggilan nama diatas ingin menyusun sepuloh jari memohon ampun maaf jika ada terkasar bahasa, terlebih sudah berbicara, dlm sedar atau pun tidak... hope this raye make us smile
i love you awak
this raya empty jika awak x de same

wish selamat hari raya buat semua

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

love love love

....i dont want to think bout love nemore....
if that make u epy
: (